Friday, 14 May 2010

It's a sad day :(

After months of tireless work, promoting and spamming Twitter and Facebook with endless requests for people to watch Flashforward and to write letters to ABC to let them know how much they love the show - it is being reported that Flashforward will not be renewed. It isn't absolutely official yet - at least ABC haven't announced it -  but the makers of the show and some of the cast have confirmed that Flashforward is over. You can read more here.

On a personal level, it's painful. I feel that Flashforward wasn't given a fair chance and am quite sure it would have picked up a lot once Lost ended.

As a presenter of Squirrelio Fans I would like to say thanks so much in particular to David Vox Mullen of Flashforcast for rallying the troops and making everyone stand up and fight for Flashforward. We did all we could but ultimately, the poor ratings system was far too big a hurdle. Thanks also to every single fan who was inspired by David and wrote letters, emails and sent Flashforward related things to ABC - Flashforward fans truly are the BEST!

While today's news is sad, we are still clinging to the hope that another network will give Flashforward another chance. I will update as soon as I hear more!

On a happier note, we did record our podcast this week! Sadly, Aaron was studying for finals and couldn't be with us, but Eva and I managed to battle through and provide some lighthearted entertainment for you!  You can listen here or subscribe so you never miss a podcast here. We hope listening goes some way towards cheering you up!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Twilight movie update.....

Ok, so I am a known hater of all things Twilight.  I believe the books are badly written, lack substance and likeable characters, put women in a poor light and I think any book that depicts vampires as sparkly should never have been allowed to be published. Z.J. Ascensio even wrote an article about the relationship lies in the Twilight series, which just serves to help prove my point.  But I digress.

Today news broke that two  actors may lose their roles in the movie version of Breaking Dawn due to some disputes over payment. Full story can be read here.

The idea of casting changes got me thinking about whether or not, if the change happens, it will make a difference to the popularity of the movies. Presumably the millions who watch the Twilight films just to see Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will not be bothered. They might not even notice if Lautner removes his shirt. But those who like consistency in their movies may be irked. If the Harry Potter movies had suddenly swapped Devon Murray for another actor in the role of Seamus Finnegan, I would have certainly have had something to say! That may be because he is a cutie with a lovely accent, but even so - these changes can have an effect on how a movie is perceived.

I hope these Twilight payment issues are resolved postively for the sake of the fans. It would be sad for them to see different actors taking over for the final movie.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Flashforward Saturday - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Hey peeps! How fast the time is going!

This week's Flashforward episode was titled Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, named after an intense obstacle course that had to be taken on during FBI training. A lot of crazy stuff happened this week, but sadly there will probably not be a recap as the site I write for has made some changes and therefore I will not be paid for a while. Call me mean, but I am not a fan of people making money from me when I get nothing out of it :p Normal service will resume in some form or another as soon as I find out what's happening!

As always, we recorded our Squirrelio Fans Flashforward podcast yesterday! Both Eva and myself were a little bit short on time, but it turned out really well. We also had an extra long section from Aaron Johnson this week which is great fun to listen to! Watch out for his impressive attempt at a British accent! :D

Squirrelio Fans Podcast - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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