Monday, 22 November 2010

Katie Waissel's Grandmother a Prostitute?!

Katie Waissel's Grandmother is a Prostitute?

I know it's harsh, and probably tabloid junk but this has got to be my favourite X Factor story this year! I can't help feeling sorry for Katie though. I am still not her biggest fan but I can certainly see how this latest news would bring her right back to square one with the public again. She was excellent during Saturday night's X Factor and for thsi story to come out now must be mortifying.

At the same time though, there is a suppressed giggle inside me. Not because it's funny that Katie Waissel has been embarrassed. It's simply the idea that there is a website in existence called Vintage Vamps, featuring mature ladies in rather risque outfits. Good luck to them, I guess,

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Goodbye Aiden! #xfactor

I didn't write a recap of tonight's result because the site I write for is having some issues at the moment, so I will just say as much I can muster about tonight's result. I am gutted that Aiden is out of the competition. If audiences want something different, Aiden is the man. I get that in terms of oddities, Katie was probably the lesser of two evils in eyes of the viewers - she is at least fairly easy on the eye and looks like she is having fun. Aiden generally looks drunk or scary - but his voice is stunning, it just needs a touch more control. I desperately hope this isn't the last we hear from him but I fear he is so far from the mainstream he just won't fit :(

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Dear X Factor...

...Your 'don't vote Katie out ' rule is starting to become obvious. Dannii is clearly the only judge with ears and backbone. Katie Waissel is NOT interesting, entertaining and clearly not who the public want to see again based on the epic amount of jeering from the crowd and being in the bottom two three times. I admit Treyc probably wouldn't have won but she deserved the chance to stay longer.

Simon Cowell has admitted he enjoys controversy - but he began the X Factor as a TALENT show. Clearly he is happy to go against what he originally believed in for the sake of headlines.

Cheryl Cole totally copped out - though I understand why she didnt want to choose and it wouldnt have changed the result anyway. But even so - she was asked the question and should have answered it.

Louis Walsh called Katie "style over substance" and keeping her on was dumb.

Writing about Katie Waissel is interesting, granted. I don't want to be one of those internet bullies I keep hearing about - but when a single act who isn't ever going to be the next big thing is blatantly allowed to break the rules then continue through the competition after having fluffed her words and sang out of tune, people will be pissed off. Simples. As such, I will still be reporting on her antics - but doing so as impartially as I can manage.

Well, I'll try.

It's not that I dislike her as a person - because we dont even know who she is. But that is where the dislike comes in. That and her singing is average at best when other people - like Gamu - were denied a place in the live shows. Its not so much the feeling that she stole Gamu's place because that could have been blamed on any of the girls. Its simply that she is not good enough, IMO.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Robert Pattinson Backs X Factor Wagner

Robert Pattinson Backs X Factor Wagner

This is by far the funniest celebrity news story I have read in ages! Clearly this is just a simple case of piss taking but I think Robert Pattinson sums up the feelings of many of the X Factor voters who now see the show for the mockery it has become!  If this news helps Wagner stay in the competition, it will only become even funnier. :D