Saturday, 1 May 2010

Flashforward Saturday - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Hey peeps! How fast the time is going!

This week's Flashforward episode was titled Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, named after an intense obstacle course that had to be taken on during FBI training. A lot of crazy stuff happened this week, but sadly there will probably not be a recap as the site I write for has made some changes and therefore I will not be paid for a while. Call me mean, but I am not a fan of people making money from me when I get nothing out of it :p Normal service will resume in some form or another as soon as I find out what's happening!

As always, we recorded our Squirrelio Fans Flashforward podcast yesterday! Both Eva and myself were a little bit short on time, but it turned out really well. We also had an extra long section from Aaron Johnson this week which is great fun to listen to! Watch out for his impressive attempt at a British accent! :D

Squirrelio Fans Podcast - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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