Monday, 28 March 2011

Best Movies of the 80s

Back in the 1980s, when I was just a little kid, some of the movies released were fabulous. Granted, I didn't get to see most of them for at least six or seven years after they were released but that didn't seem to lessen the brilliance of them. 80s movies seem to have a timelessness to them. Even after so many years, you can still sit down to watch them and enjoy them the way you did when they were first released. Movies such as E.T have gone on to be classics for kids who weren't even thought of in the 80s. I wonder how many of today's films will stand the test of time so well.

The 1980’s was a time of great movies. Although the movies back then weren’t filled with stunning animation and 3D effects, the simplicity of them was a part of what made them so endearing. Actors such as Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze and Drew Barrymore were just beginning their rise to superstardom and the "Brat Pack" were in their prime. ....Read more about Best Movies of the 80s

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

R.I.P Kurt Cobain

Recently I was reminded of a fascination I used to have with Kurt Cobain. When I was a teenager, I had a boyfriend who loved Nirvana. Back then, I didn't really appreciate the music, but I remember thinking there was something about the lead singer that was....charismatic. Unfortunately, by the time I fell in love with him, it was too late. He had ended his life. But as I learned more about him, more about his life and his love of art and music, the more I was saddened by his death.

When I was challenged to write an article about Kurt Cobain last week, I was a little dubious. If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you will know that I am not a grunge girl. I like cheesy music and boy bands! But that fascination for the man behind Nirvana was still lurking under the surface. With a little help from my friend, I managed to pull together an article about the life of Kurt Cobain and I must say, I am quite proud of it. I would like to say a huge thanks to Simon Cox for his guidance - your knowledge is incredible!

The Life and Death of Kurt Cobain

R.I.P Kurt Cobain

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


The season finale of Pretty Little Liars came last night and I feel....ever so slightly let down.

Let's be fair. Many of the events that happenn in the show rely on the suspension of belief just a little bit. But it never really goes so far that you think it is ridiculous. With the way things ended last night though, I'm not really sure what to think. How many suspects are there for being "A"?!

I think it's a fairly safe bet that Ian killed Ali, but what's with the dodgy policeman?! I wondered if he was genuine when he first appeared on the screen but it's obvious now that he isn't. But I really hate the introduction of a new dodgy character so late in the game. What is he doing with Jenna?!

I muchly enjoyed the suspense of the Spencer/Ian fight towards the end. He is a true psychopath! First question though, why do girls in danger always run UP the stairs?! What is the reasoning???? Second question, what happened to the little flash drive with all the videos on after Spencer threw it at him? Was it left on the floor or did he take it? The part when the other girls rushed in to find Spencer and we saw Ian hanging from the ropes was fantastic but had he really been dead - it would have looked as though Spencer may have killed him.

My brain could not cope with the prospect that he somehow escaped strangulation. Did the mysterious stranger who saved Spencer then go back and rescue Ian?! How did he get out of those ropes?!

Of course, the bigger question is....who was the mysterious stranger? I thought the shot on Noel was interesting, so he could perhaps have had something to do with it.

I can't work out why I feel a little let down by the last episode. I enjoyed watching it, and it was certainly full of drama. I think I was hoping for a few more answers. I also wanted to see more of both Caleb and Toby *lol*

And now we have to wait longer than ever to find out what happens next :( On the plus side though, Pretty Little Liars will be released on DVD in the US quite soon so you can re-watch all the action to your heart's content!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Lady Gaga's Hottest Looks! We all know

Lady Gaga's Hottest Looks!

We all know Lady Gaga is a little bit crazy when it comes to fashion. But she doesn't always look bizarre. Well, okay....she usually does. But she is lucky enough to be able to make bizarre look fantastic. I can't say I would ever be brave enough to dress the way she does but I think that is what makes her so brilliant. Pushing the boundaries and expresing herself through her clothing. Here is a look at some of Lady Gaga's best looks!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I Believe in a Thing Called...The Darkness!

Yes, yes, yes! The Darkness are coming back this summer, which means the high pitched tones of Justin Hawkins will soon be heard on the radio once again! The Darkness are something of a guilty pleasure for me - though whether they really fit that category is a matter of a opinion. Ever since they released I Believe In A Thing Called Love, I have been hooked on their music. Is it profound? Not really. Is it fun? Hell yeah! I much preferred their second album to their first, though after listening to them both recently I was reminded of some of the gems they recorded which I had totally forgotten about.  In the interests of not forgetting them ever again, I wrote an article about the Top 5 Songs by The Darkness. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Charlie Sheen Uses Twitter to Advertise for an Intern!

You gotta love Charlie Sheen. For weeks now he has dominated the press with his words and the public just can't seem to get enough of him. With more than 2 million Twitter followers, Sheen's words can quickly reach his fans and be spread over the internet almost instantly! There is no doubt he is the most talked about star of 2011, even taking over Lady Gaga! Now, Charlie Sheen has taken his tweets to a new level, offering a summer job to one lucky  fan! Of course, he is just kidding. I think. To find out more, click here!


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Person of Interest? Pretty Little Liars!!!!

Warning!! If you did not see the PLL episode titled "A Person of Interest", this post contains spoilers!


Oh Em Gee! How amazing was last night's episode of Pretty Little Liars?!

I must start by saying that for the first half of the season I was convinced that Spencer murdered Ali, but as we got to know her, I figured it was unlikely. I now feel desperately sorry for her as it seems that someone is trying to frame her. I could have cried when her parents told her she needs to see a therapist! :( However, there were moments of awesome for Spencer! ;) Kissing Toby must have been high on her list of things she could never have predicted! He is quite lovely though. The strong, silent type! :D I hope he can find a way to save her.

The situation with Ian is getting weirder and weirder. He claimed that Ali was stalking him, and from what we learned yesterday it seems that his story is starting to make sense. The only part that still doesn't tie in is the video of him possibly murdering Ali. But even if he didn't do it, he was there that night and he must know SOMETHING.And what was he doing giving Jenna a bag? And why is she hiding it? Too many questions!

I still can't bring myself to feel too sorry for Melissa. She isn't as bitchy as she first appeared but there is something about her that rubs me up the wrong way. I can't help again being suspicious that SHE killed Ali. She made a comment a while back about Ali's game-playing probably being the thing that got her killed. Hmmmm.


Emily and Paige was....interesting. Understanding as I am, I still wouldn't necessarily want to hang out with someone who tried to drown me, even if she is confused. Emily is an angel though, and I loved seeing her out with Paige at the karaoke bar. They fit together well but...what about Maya? I know she is away at bad girl camp but, they never officially broke up and Emily seemed to get over her very quickly. Whatever, I think she made the right decision about being just friends with Paige. I am looking forward to seeing where things go from here.

Hanna. Oh, Hanna! I adore that girl - and I am deeply jealous about her getting on with Caleb because he is HOT! :p He is far more suited to her than Sean ever was, and she finally lost the virginity she seemed to eager to lose! Alas, she may get her heart broken because it seems that there really IS more to Caleb than first met the eye. His phonecall to someone we don't know saying he is done suggests he has some part in the "A" fiasco. Perhaps Hanna and Aria were right when they said all of those phones they found in school were the property of "A". I'm going to take a new stab in the dark here and say he was calling Jenna - and the reason he told Hanna he couldn't unlock Jenna's phone was because he knew there were things on it that he didn't want Hanna to see. The plus side is that Caleb actually may have morals after all but if Hanna finds out he had to do with the suffering she has been through, she will never want to see him again. :(

I genuinely don't know how I will cope when the season ends! I am officially addicted!

P.S Sorry for any rambling - my overexcited brain needed to share my thoughts quickly!