Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Fozzy's New VIP Makes Us Dance Like Mick Jagger For An Hour

...Actually, a bit longer than that. Around three days, to be precise!

 Now, those of you who have followed this blog for a while will know I have written about Fozzy VIPs before. But they aren't quite the same as they used to be. The band has evolved, more people want to come to VIP, and so things had to change a little. This is NO bad thing.

On Sunday, I headed to Southampton to experience Fozzy VIP 2015, and I have to say, I loved it! As always, we were given a signed photo, early access to merchandise, a group VIP photo, plus individual photos with the band. That would be enough of a treat for most fans, but what's new this year is the soundcheck, the mini private gig, and a question and answer session!

"Why do we need a mini private gig?" I hear you ask! Well, I'll tell you! First and foremost, the best thing for me was the chance to be very close to the stage and enjoy a bit of the show without any concerns about being squished against the barriers. I know, I know - that is all part of the fun, but not everyone is as... moshy as some, and some of the VIP'ers I spoke to were thrilled because this private show meant they could relax and take very close up photos without any concerns. Not only that, but Fozzy take requests - and not just their own songs, either. In Southampton, we were treated to an awesome version of You Really Got Me that had everyone rocking out!
The Q&A session was also a brilliant addition to the VIP package. A lot of times, if you meet a band member in passing, there isn't enough time to ask a question, and if there is, the answer can be rushed because these guys don't have a lot of time to chat. This designated time for questions was brilliant as it meant everyone who had something they always wanted to ask could so in a relaxed way, without feeling too hurried.

One thing I always need to mention when it comes to Fozzy VIP is this: A lot of times people are on the fence about whether to upgrade to the VIP package. The reasons for the hesitation vary, but a lot of fans want to know firstly if it's value for money, and secondly, whether they can handle their nerves! The answer to question one is yes, it's absolutely worth the money! I have done VIP a few times, and each time it's different, for different reasons. I have never had two identical VIP experiences, and as you get to know the band better, you will eventually end up with your own inside jokes!  And nerves? Perfectly normal, but the guys are SO down to earth, they put you at ease from the first hello.

SO, if you are considering a VIP package - just go for it!

Also, if you are a Fozzy virgin, it's a really good idea to let them pop your cherry, because you will leave their shows with a buzz that cannot be beaten.