Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Help an Artist! Merry Ellen Kirk Needs You!

Regular followers of this blog will have heard me singing the praises of the uber talented Merry Ellen Kirk. The first time I heard her EP, "Feather & A Leaf," I was blown away - so much so that I wrote this. Four months later, I have almost all of Merry Ellen's recordings, and the tracks on "Feather & A Leaf" are amongst my Most Played list on iTunes.

Right now, Merry Ellen Kirk is listed on ArtistSignal, vying to be September's most voted for artist. If she wins, there's a $10,000 prize, and no doubt you can understand just how much that would help her out in recording more material, and getting herself better known - as she very much deserves to be. As things stand, she is in the top ten, which is an amazing achievement in itself! By following this link, you can vote for Merry Ellen, and help her take the top spot. What's so brilliant about this is, people can vote as may times as they like AND you can win rewards if you vote often. Rewards include free downloads, and signed CDs - which basically means - by clicking a button several times and "tipping"Merry Ellen tiny amounts, you can win music! Good deal, right? :D

I can't explain how much love I have for Merry Ellen Kirk's music. Perhaps it's the writer in me that is mesmerised by how she weaves beautiful words into music - and her voice? Perfection. SO, if you have an appreciation for real, genuine talent and hard working musicians, click the links above and show her some support. You won't regret it, I promise!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Your Man Reminder - A Fun App With a Serious Message

This is TECHNICALLY not entirely an entertainment post, more like a public service announcement for women, but it IS entertaining, so I'm sharing!

I was sitting next to my mum today, while she was on Facebook, and one of those random videos lurked on her timeline. It had had the heading ALL LADIES MUST WATCH. Normally, I ignore that kind of thing, but the two shirtless men in the preview video caught my eye! ;)

What the video actually is, is an advert for a new free app for women, to remind them to regularly check their breasts for abnormalities, but it's done in such a way that it's not clinical and dull. It's funny, and when dealing with something as serious as breast cancer, you need to lighten the fears just a little.

This video is actually a year old, but whether you've seen it before or not, it's still a great way for ladies to remember to regularly check themselves! Enjoy!