Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Why Do Woman Fall In Love With Fictional Characters?

Mr Darcy, Edward Cullen, Captain Jack Sparrow and Harry Potter. All over the world, millions of women have fallen in love with these fictional characters. If we haven't done so ourselves, we all know someone who has fallen in love with a character from a book, TV show or movie. But why does this happen? Why do perfectly rational, sensible women find themselves swept away by someone who isn't real? Fear not, I am here to tell you the answer!

Why Do Women Fall In Love With Fictional Characters?


  1. Interesting article!

    "In real life, the perfect man does not exist."

    Nooooo! I guess my search is over. =)

  2. a very good question, maybe its the whole unrealness of the subject xxx

  3. Lol, Kiefer sounds like a pretty good option for now! :D