Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Beginner's Guide to Pretty Little Liars - The Complete Collection

Hey peeps!

A while ago I showed off a couple of my Pretty Little Liars guides and over the last couple of weeks I have been slowly adding to the collection. I am pleased to tell you that they are all done now, so I wanted to post them all here for quick and easy access! Before I do that, I wanted to say that I had intended to write I final article detailing the parents of the Pretty Little Liars because they have been rather important in the show too. However, there just wasn't enough on all of the parents for me to do this so I will post a bit here.

Spencer's parents - Spencer's family is rich and outgoing. Her father is a very determined man, intent on winning at any cost. He looks down on the "little people" who he considers below him. Spencer's mother initially came across as being very much like her husband. It was later revealed that she has a softer side, and was so afraid of being cast aside for not being perfect, she hid the fact that she had a lump removed from her breast from everyone in the family.

Emily's parents - Emily's father has just returned home from Afghanistan after being away with the army for a long time. He seems like a pretty decent guy so far. Emily's mother is a little like Spencer's father in the sense that everything has to be "perfect". Anything differing from the norm is unacceptable.

Hanna''s parents - Seperated. Hanna's dad is to get re-married but I don;t think he will be very important to the show. It's her mother Ashley who is interesting. Ashley is not above doing something bad in desperate times. She slept with the police officer who arrested Hanna for shoplifting so he would drop the charges. In the last episode before the mid-season break, we saw Ashley stealing money from a very old lady who left behind the key to her safety deposit box at the bank where Ashley works.

Aria's parents - Also seperated after her father Byron's affair was revealed. Her mother Ella moved out of the family home and is trying to get herself together. Byron is equally struggling two look after their two children all by himself. He has been spending an increasing amount of time with Ashley.

Okay, that's that done! *lol* Now for the full beginner's guide to Pretty Little Liars!

A Beginner's Guide to Pretty Little Liars - Part One, Alison DiLaurentis

A Beginner's Guide to Pretty Little Liars - Part Two, Spencer Hastings

A Beginner's Guide to Pretty Little Liars - Part Three, Aria Montgomery

A Beginner's Guide to Pretty Little Liars - Part Four, Emily Fields

A Beginner's Guide to Pretty Little Liars - Part Five, Hanna Marin

A Beginner's Guide to Pretty Little Liars - Part Six, Jenna Marshall and Toby Cavanaugh

A Beginner's Guide to Pretty Little Liars - Part Seven, Sean Ackard and Lucas Gottesman

A Beginner's Guide to Pretty Little Liars - Part Eight, Ezra Fitz, Mona Vanderwall and Maya St. Germain

Hope you enjoy these little PLL snippets! <3


  1. wow a lot of work for your here Karen, im impressed xx

  2. Yeah, it took a long time to get it all together. It was lots of fun though! X

  3. I loved these guides! :) Can't wait for the new season to start!

  4. January is so far awaaaay! But apparently they have started filming now, so yay! :D