Friday, 1 April 2011

A is for Alden - Erin Alden

Before I get started with today's post, I must let you all know that I am participating in a brand new blogging challenge which will get me posting more regularly! A very awesome blog started the A-Z Blogging Challenge and I figured that as I haven't been posting too regularly, I ought to get involved! Basically, every day through April (excluding Sundays) I will be posting a new blog entry corresponding to the letters of the alphabet. If you want to join in, just follow the link above or click on the graphic in the sidebar about the challenge. On the official challenge page you will see the enormous list of people who are involved, and it will be a good opportunity to meet brand new bloggers!

So, on to today's post!

Last year I was given the chance to interview an amazing singer from Los Angeles by the name of Erin Alden. Erin is not only a singer, but a fabulous songwriter too. Her music, which can be heard on her MySpace page, is the kind of music you will find yourself singing throughout the day. It's catchy, thoughtful and different from much of the dross that can be heard in the charts. Check out more about her here: An Interview With Erin Alden

P.S There is a good chance I posted this interview before, but now seemed like a good time to re-post!


  1. welcome to the A-Z and thanks for bringing Erin Alden to light!

  2. Thanks Marie Anne, this is lots of fun!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! :D I am just about to go on an A-Z blogging tour :D

  4. Well I think you're brave to interview someone... me, I'm scared of people... Okay, so that's not exactly true, but I'm not at all comfortable with the idea of interviewing.

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog--it's great to meet another person who started writing with the HP love!

  5. Interviewing is quite scary, and it is hard trying to think up questions that haven't been asked a million times! it does get easier though :D

    I adore this blog challenge, I have already met some cool people and this is just the beginning! :D

  6. I plan to link to other blogs and articles in this challenge too! Smart! (I'm posting mostly in the MyHeartBlogsToYou blog on blogger.) Thanks, by the way, for leaving a comment.