Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Lying Game: Season 2, Episode 8 - Is Alec the father of the twins?

Not even gonna lie. This season of "The Lying Game" has been a little bit slow. All we've had for the most part are the same questions over and over again, and any info that has come to light has been perfectly obvious, making me feel like this:

But finally, some stuff happened. Pushing aside another obvious fact - that Theresa (Yara Martinez) would get whacked when she went to the cemetery alone (did anyone else want to smack her for not just doing as Dan asked and letting it go for the night before their wedding? Geez, the dude was leaving flowers at Derek's grave for months, a couple more days wouldn't hurt, and disagreeing with a guy as sexy as Tyler Christopher might be the stupidest thing ever!)   - we also found out that Ted (Andy Buckley) was hooking up with Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) when she lived in L.A! Ted Mercer has just become the most vile, hypocritical, pathetic man I've seen on TV in a while, and I muchly hope Rebecca kills him and eats him.

But moving on ... since the show began, I have wondered if Alec (Adrian Pasdar) is Emma and Sutton's (Alexandra Chando) father at least every two weeks. But now, I am becoming more certain than ever.

Clue 1
Alec outright said that Rebecca went to him when she found out she was pregnant. Why the hell would she go to someone other than the father? I mean, aside from all the reasons I listed about Ted above, but she was crazy in love with Ted. Scared or otherwise, it is very weird that she went to Alec first.

Clue 2
Alec blatantly refused to look Emma in the eye when he said Ted was her father - and it's not even a lie. Biologically, he might not be the father, but he did bring Sutton (and Emma at times) up.

Clue 3
Alec knew there were twins. Yes, he was the one who arranged the adoption, but if he was going to have Ted and Kristin (Helen Slater) adopt, why lie? What difference did it make if there was one baby or two? Okay, looking at this again, I'm starting to see this isn't exactly a clue, but it still makes no sense! :p Unless... it's one of those freaky cases where the twins have different fathers ... Hmmm.

Clue 4
Remember back in Season 1 when Sutton and Thayer (Christian Alexander) were dating? Alec was livid, and wanted to do all he could to keep them apart. Well, sure - if they were brother and sister, it would be deeply disturbing! I know what you're thinking - Thayer isn't really Alec's son. Having not read the books, I don't know if this is a fact that came from the original writing, but it's my guess that they threw in the detail about Thayer being someone else's kid so they could play out the Thayer/Emma/Ethan love triangle. Of course, I could be way off here, but that's my theory! I guess,  also, if the twins DO have different fathers, and Alec is Sutton's father, it wouldn't matter if Emma dated Thayer ...

I know none of this is concrete, but these are a few thoughts I've had, and I am certain there are a few I've forgotten! Would love to know what you think!

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