Monday, 8 July 2013

Olly Murs Rocks Powderham Castle!

Yesterday had to have been one of the most scorching hot days EVER. Did I spend it eating ice lollies in my garden? Writing under the shade of a tree? Hell NO! I was in a field with 20,000 people, watching Olly Murs!

Every year, Powderham Castle in Exeter hosts a couple of huge gigs, headlined by some of the UK's top acts. 2013 was the turn of Olly Murs and guests, and boy did they make it worth braving the heat!

Appearing on stage alongside Olly, were Joyride, Charlie Brown, Diana Vickers, and the incredible Lawson! All of the support acts were great, and got the crowd wired for what was to come, but it was Lawson who whipped the masses into the biggest frenzy (aside from Olly, of course!). Those boys are HOT, and as someone who didn't know too much about them before, they made a fan out of me! Go now, check them out on iTunes!

Now, onto the man himself!

Boy. If you've ever enjoyed watching Olly perform on TV, multiply that feeling by, say, a million, and that is what you get when you see him live. From the moment he stepped onto the stage, he gave so much energy and he didn't stop until the very last note of the very last song.

Any naysayers out there? Bite me. Olly Murs can SING, and he is a true showman in every sense of the word. He's recently been on tour with Robbie Williams - but it would be unfair to put Olly's skills down to what he might have learned from Robbie. Olly always knew how to work a crowd! He doesn't just perform his songs, he has banter with the audience, he's funny, and he can ham up the acting until he has everyone right in the palm of his hand. It is literally impossible to take your eyes off him.

With some of his best loved tracks, including Troublemaker, Army of Two, and new single, Dear Darlin', his set was perfect, but the moment everyone fell in love with him was when he sang I Need You Now. There wasn't a girl at Powderham who didn't want to cuddle him - even though he was dripping with sweat!

Speaking of which, the chants from the crowd for him to get his shirt off were hilarious! Eventually, Olly caved and switched his t-shirt for a waistcoat - even though he confessed he felt like a plonker! :p On behalf of entire audience - you looked amazing!

In a 20,000 strong crowd, there were people of all ages. From toddlers to grandparents - it wasn't just a crowd full of girls. I was amazed how many boys were there, singing along and having fun. THAT is what proves Olly isn't just part of the X Factor machine. He HAS the X Factor, and sad to say, not many people from that show possess the quality Simon Cowell was looking for.
It was a spectacular day, and I would absolutely go and see Olly Murs live again! Next time, I'm asking for an interview! ;)

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