Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Ken Kratz Jumps On The Speaking Event Bandwagon

So, it's been a while since we last heard from our favourite sweat-obsessed former DA, Ken Kratz, but he's back to let the world know he's hosting a speaking event in Rockford, Illinois with Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Kratz says this event will show "never before seen evidence, omitted from the documentary, that will provide the audience an exclusive insight and new perspective into this criminal justice debate."

Now, before we get started on this, let's just clear something up. Those who think Steven Avery is guilty and other outspoken cynics might (and probably will) say, "Well, if Strang and Buting are doing a tour, why shouldn't Ken Kratz have a chance to say what he thinks too?" And that is a perfectly valid point. However loathed by much of the public, Kratz is well within his rights to speak out. However, Strang and Buting's tour is not called, "These Are The Reasons Steven Avery Is Innocent," it's called, "A Conversation on Justice." Of course Making a Murderer will be discussed, but that is not the sole purpose. Steven Avery is one man. There are a lot more Steven Averys in the world and they all need help.

Secondly, this: A significant portion of their speakers proceeds will be donated to local and national equal justice charities.

This is not a publicity seeking exercise for Strang and Buting. There is a bigger picture here.

So, what's the name of Ken Kratz's event? "Avery: Guilty As Charged."

You'd think that since Kratz was one of the people who "proved" (I use the term loosely - I'm sure you all know what I mean) Avery's guilt back in the day, there would be no need for him to re-prove it now. If he truly believed he had done his job right the first time, why the need to re-hash it all?

But most of all, what can he bring to the table in this discussion that is truly new? Everything that was not included in the documentary has been brought up in the media, and those who truly care about the case have read the trial transcripts from start to finish. What could he possibly reveal at this point that the world doesn't already know?

This feels like nothing more than an attempt to claw back a little of his former reputation by attempting to explain himself again. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed judging by the outrage expressed on Twitter as soon as the news broke. General opinion is that he's said more than enough already for free - so why pay to hear it all over again? 

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