Saturday, 13 April 2013

Fozzy Rocks Plymouth - VIP Experience, Round Two!

I feel like this in spirit - 3 hours sleep means I can barely lift my eyelids, let alone shake it like a polaroid picture! :p

SO, I did it again, Fozzy VIP round two, and oh my goodness...

Right from the beginning, everything went perfectly. We were met by the VIP rep, Scott, and the fun began. There were jokes, high fives, some banter about English accents/words, and the kind of chatter you usually have with people after you've known them a while - not just five minutes. No disrespect to the last rep because he did his job well, BUT Scott made us all feel SO welcome by being as hyped as we were, and not being afraid to have a bit of fun with us! Having him around really set the night off to a great start.

VIP Swag (We weren't allowed to take Scott :p )

At dinner, all the guys from Fozzy were on top form, and the level of nerves around the table from the VIPers was significantly lower this time. Maybe because three of us had done it before, so instead of meeting them and thinking, "OH MY GOD I'M EATING WITH FOZZY!!" it was like catching up with friends! Props to them, they remembered those of us who were there last time, and welcomed the newbies with enthusiasm!

It was much easier to move around and talk to everyone this time, and I was ecstatic that I finally got to spend time chatting to Rich Ward. The man is not only a legend, but one of the most genuinely sweet guys I've ever been lucky enough to meet. I also met Billy Grey for the first time, and talked to Paul Di Leo a bit more. Honestly, all the guys are absolutely amazing but I'm a big Frank Fontsere fan! I may have exceeded some kind of daily hug limit, but I think that's okay...hopefully. :D

I got me a signed Frank drumstick!

Okay... moving on to the gig!

I don't know how it's possible, but Fozzy get better and better every time I see them. I thought they were at the top  of their game in December, but they continue to prove me wrong. They were louder, wilder, sharper, more energetic than before and the crowd were more than happy to scream and shout their enthusiasm.

Fozzy's set included songs from Sin and Bones, including their first ever live performance of Shine Forever, plus the ever catchy She's My Addiction, and fan favourite, Sandpaper. One of the best responses of the night came during God Pounds His Nails, at which point the crowd nearly ripped the roof off the White Rabbit! 

Jericho continues to be an exceptional frontman, and with such unmistakable onstage chemistry between the band, it's easy to see why fans keep coming back for more. 

Anyone who is waiting to see Fozzy on this tour is in for an awesome time because they are rocking harder than ever, so you'd better be ready for it! There are still VIP tickets, and gig tickets available here

Now, on the night, I took a bunch of photos and videos, but for unknown reasons, my camera decided to stop recording sound which made the videos useless. To make up for it, I put together this little video montage so those videos weren't a total waste! (If you don't hear sound on this, let me know, but it's working for me!)

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  1. YAY! I am so happy for you. VIP dinner with Fozzy, holy crow that's amazing. Not sure I could contain my excitement to be with my fav band like that. I'm so glad you got to go and had a fab time= Rock on :)