Friday, 6 September 2013

Your Man Reminder - A Fun App With a Serious Message

This is TECHNICALLY not entirely an entertainment post, more like a public service announcement for women, but it IS entertaining, so I'm sharing!

I was sitting next to my mum today, while she was on Facebook, and one of those random videos lurked on her timeline. It had had the heading ALL LADIES MUST WATCH. Normally, I ignore that kind of thing, but the two shirtless men in the preview video caught my eye! ;)

What the video actually is, is an advert for a new free app for women, to remind them to regularly check their breasts for abnormalities, but it's done in such a way that it's not clinical and dull. It's funny, and when dealing with something as serious as breast cancer, you need to lighten the fears just a little.

This video is actually a year old, but whether you've seen it before or not, it's still a great way for ladies to remember to regularly check themselves! Enjoy!

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