Friday, 30 August 2013

Fozzy Merchandise Alert!!

Anyone who loves Fozzy will know that Fozzy band merchandise isn't all that easy to come by if you can't get to a gig. There are websites that sell Fozzy t-shirts and hoodies, but the only hoodies I've been able to find are super old, and don't have the current band line-up on them. :( However, new merchandise is now available from a superb company called Fable Label

Right now, they have three Fozzy t-shirt designs: The brand new "Spider" t-shirt, the Sin & Bones 2013 Europe tour t-shirt, and the Gaga Must Be Destroyed t-shirt. I picked up a Spider t-shirt on the tour, and I can more than vouch for the quality of the material and the design. They are fantastic, so if you've always wanted a Fozzy t-shirt, you have no more excuses to delay - especially since they are offering a 15% discount with the code: FOZZYROCKS

Another awesome thing: when I discovered Fable Label, I asked about the possibility of them making girl t-shirts, since I am not keen on wearing massive over-sized man shirts, and I know a lot of other female Fozzy fans have said the same thing. The fabulous people at Fable Label said, yes! So, keep your eyes peeled, ladies!

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