Saturday, 17 April 2010

Flashforward Saturday and Autism Speaks

Hello hello! Flashforward Saturday is here!

Did you see Flashforward this week?? Talk about another great cliffhanger ending! Dyson Frost is a bad man! For a full recap of the latest episode, Let No Man Put Asunder, click here!

While we're on the subject of Flashforward, I must take the time to promote a very worthwhile cause. On the show, Ryan Wynott plays Dylan Simcoe. Dylan is autistic and in order to play the part in a believable way, Ryan had to learn some things about autism. Next week, Ryan Wynott will be taking part in a walk in Los Angeles in aid of the autism charity, Autism Speaks. It is a brilliant organisation which you can read about here, and if you want to support Ryan Wynott or find out more about why he got involved,take a look at this article.

Finally, as it is Saturday, it means we recorded a new Squirrelio Fans podcast yesterday. Those of you who haven't seen Let No Man Put Asunder should wait until you have before downloading. ;) You can get hear the latest podcast on our website, or download through iTunes! :D

EDIT: The campaign to save Flashforward is still ongoing! More info in this post!

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