Saturday, 10 April 2010


*lol* Apparently I don't have time for Flashforward Fridays, so we are changing to Flashforward Saturdays which doesn't have the same ring to it but it's the best I can do!

Okay, there has been plenty of activity on the Save Flashforward campaign which you can read about here and if all goes well I should have the time to write a recap of the latest Flashforward episode "Queen Sacrifice" which was totally amazing! I guess I'll have to stop promoting my article Who Is the FBI Mole now! You can, of course, read it and laugh about how wrong I was!

Yesterday's Squirrelio Fans podcast went really well. We had great fun with it, and it was a little longer than usual to squeeze in all the excitement! Please check it out if you are a Flashfoward fan! Also, join us on Twitter and Facebook if you enjoy it!


  1. Yeah, it really doesn't have the same ring. Maybe we can petition to get names of the days switched so everyone can have alliteration at their convenience? :P Good work on the articles. You're great at covering this show!

  2. LOL! Maybe I could make it Squirrelio Saturday!

    Thanks, this will probably be the last update until we win our fight, which we will win *lol* But it's fun to do :D