Thursday, 15 April 2010

What do Courtney Love, Robert Pattinson and Pirates of the Caribbean have in common?

Usually, I'd say....not much.

But very recently, all of the above have been making the news for various reasons.

Almost a week ago, Courtney Love was reported to have said that she wanted Robert Pattinson to play Kurt Cobain in a movie about the Nirvana singer's life. Anti-Pattinson people were somewhat apalled by this idea, but I have to admit, I would have loved to have seen him give it a try! However, that was not to be. Yesterday, Love spoke out against these claims, saying they were "silly". You can read the full article here.

Next, some news about the forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Today a new leading lady was announced. To find out who, take a look at this article!

Not sure how I feel about the casting of an unknown in such an epic movie series. I don't think they will be quite the same without Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. On the other hand, it may be good to see some new faces. I'mvery excited about Ian McShane portraying Blackbeard!  While I wasn't very taken with At World's End, I am very much looking forward to seeing On Stranger Tides. Only another year to go....!


  1. Leave it to you to keep all this exciting entertainment news straight! Good reporting. :D

  2. It felt cool to be able to get two stories out at once! :D

  3. yes I agree, good story Karen xxx and nice pic