Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Farmville Goes Gaga!

Farmville Goes Gaga

Yup, that's right - Lady Gaga is about to get her own farm! Well, virtually, at least.

My attention was brought to this story by my friend Clare (Thanks!!) and my first impression was to laugh out loud! Lady Gaga and Farmville don't really seem like the most logical of things to combine. But now I think about it a little more - I am kinda excited. I like FarmVille, I like Lady Gaga - how could I not love it?? I can't deny the weirdness of the idea though. What do you think? Good, bad or couldn't care less?


  1. I was most excited by bike riding sheep LOL, but yeah, the music thing will really grab people's attention, I think!

  2. Lady Gaga and Farmville?

    Then again, why not? :) I love her.