Tuesday, 17 May 2011

John Cho talks Flashforward!

It's here! I posted last week about how I interviewed John Cho about Flashforward - now the interview has finally been published - yippeee!!!!!

When Flashforward was brought to an abrupt end last year, many things were left unanswered. Although John Cho couldn't answer the question of what might have been - he did throw around a few theories and ideas, some of which may be surprising to some. However, by far the most important part of this interview was hearing how he felt about the fans and their efforts to keep Flashforward on the air. Read what he had to say here: An Interview with John Cho - Flashback to Flashforward.

P.S I could have written a better post, but I am too excited! :p


  1. Well done on the interview and it's a series I'm going to miss a great deal.

    Darell Phillips (Mosaic_Hyde)

  2. Thanks!

    Yes, there are still many people who would pretty much do anything to get it back!