Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The night my Flashforward came true

Last night I had a dream come true. I spoke to John Cho on the phone and got to interview him about Flashforward!!

I have just been listening to some of the recording of the interview and am mildly concerned that I may have lacked a touch of professionalism in my overwhelming excitement! *blushes*

While I can't claim to know him after one call, my level of respect for John Cho multiplied last night. What I learned was that he really cares about his work and is very, very genuine. I am deeply honored to have had the chance to speak with him - and I'm not sure if my brain will ever fully understand that it really happened. There is a lot of work to do before the interview is published but I will keep you posted!

Without going into too much detail before I publish the interview - I will say that many Flashforward questions were answered. Perhaps not enough to satisfy everyone's curiosity but certainly enough that I feel a certain amount of closure now.

Not many people get the chance to say they spoke to a star of TV and movies from the comfort of their bedroom! *lol* It amazes me that such a thing can really happen.

Thank you, Mr Cho, for making my Flashforward become a reality.


  1. Wow! How cool is this? Can't wait for the interview!

  2. John Cho, has a professionalism he love he's work! thank him to realizing you to care about work.