Thursday, 22 August 2013

Chris Jericho in 'Jon Davis Gets a Sex Robot'

Hard to know where to start with this one LOL!

So, Chris Jericho, man of many talents, is involved with a brand new project from The YOMYOMF Network! The project? A YouTube mini series called "Jon Davis Gets A Sex Robot".

The title is self-explanatory.

I gotta say, this bizarre little show appeals to the twisted side of my personality, and after watching the first two episodes (webisodes?), I'm hooked!

The most recent episode featured Mr Jericho as Rob, Jon Davis' sex obsessed buddy. The guy has a mouth that would make a sailor blush - and possibly enough... erm... enthusiasm... to require the sex robot to need re-programming! (Seriously, watch it!)

Jericho throws out some exceptional lines during Episode 2. I feel "Jizz It Up, Bro," is about to become one of those classic lines amongst those in the know, and will adorn t-shirts across the world! You really do need to check this out if you like twisted, and aren't easily offended. DO NOT WATCH if you're sensitive because your ears will bleed. :p

As great as the guys are in this show, I wanna also give a HUGE shoutout to Riki Lindhome because the dry humour she brings as Layla is perfect.

Bring on Episode 3!

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