Tuesday, 22 January 2013

American Horror Story Season 3 - Analyzing the Clues!

I'm not gonna lie. I've been pretty disheartened with this season of "American Horror Story." I know I mentioned that before, so I will swiftly move on to something a little more promising.

Fans of the show will be familiar with Ryan Murphy's end of season clues. In Season 1, there were some very big clues that Season 2 would be set in an asylum. But if I am reading it correctly, Season 2's clues are a lot more subtle. Of course, I could be way off base, but I am not the only one who spotted these things. Take a look, and let me know what you think! Did I miss anything? Have you seen a different set of clues?

"American Horror Story" Season 3: Does Ryan Murphy Hint At Witchcraft


  1. Excellent clues, I can't believe I missed them all, but they do point to something of a witchy nature :D

    I'd go further to add, Ryan Murphy seems to like demonic/ possession themes too (Vivien's baby conceived with Tate was meant to be the anti-Christ) and of course this season's Sister Mary Eunice's possession, and a lot of witch trial propaganda was based on the superstition witches had made a deal with the devil, so that could be a way to continue the theme.

  2. I think I may have spotted one more hint towards witchcraft. When Judy is looking at the jukebox to pick her "The Name Game" song, you get to see a few of the other songs on the jukebox and one is called "Some Enchanted Evening".