Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fozzy Tour Dates 2013 announced!

(I totally just did this! Well, not just, I've had this post scheduled for hours because I didn't want to announce it before the band. But Rich Ward just posted, so we're good to go!)

Yup, yup! If you follow Fozzy on Twitter, you'll have spotted them teasing us about big news! The date Jan 15th was hashtagged, and thus, I have been bouncing up and down all day waiting for the news to come out about what Fozzy has in store for us in April!

Well the wait is over, my friends, because the boys will be back in town (okay, okay, the country, kill my buzz why don't ya!) starting April 11th, along with Drowning Pool and Revoker!

The dates are as follows:
Apr 11 - The Cellar, Southampton
April 12 - White Rabbit, Plymouth
April 13 - Concorde 2, Brighton
April 14 - Waterfront, Norwich
April 16 -  Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
April 17 - The Vault, Rugby
April 18 - The Underground, Stoke
April 19 - Fibbers, York
April 20 - NQ Live, Manchester
April 21 - Central Station, Wrexham
April 23 - The Fleece, Bristol
April 24 - Electric Ballroom, London

European Dates:
April 25 - La Maroquinerie, Paris
April 27 - Feierwerk, Munich
April 28 - Flex, Vienna

You can find all those details here VIP Packages can be purchased on the FozzyIf you have never seen Fozzy live before, you are in for a TREAT! Nobody rocks harder than these guys - and I hope to catch them on more than one date this time around, so keep watch as there will be gig reviews coming up!



  1. Exciting! The Concorde 2 in Brighton is a great venue, because you're quite up close and personal with the band. Plus it's at the seaside! Sadly I won't be near any of these dates...

    1. I didn't think to go to Brighton, but that is a possibility! Thanks for letting me know about the venue!

  2. Yay indeed! Another night on the town for us, w00t!

  3. No Leeds date :( The cockpit is an awesome venue

    1. :( Are they playing any other venues near you? (I'm a Southerner, my Geography is pretty terrible lol!)

    2. Nah, Manchester is closest, but that's 2 hours away D:
      I did see Fozzy in December though :)

    3. I saw some of the YouTube videos from that gig, it looked fantastic!

  4. No Scottish dates?

    Thought Inverness may have been in with a shout :(

    1. Bummer! Hopefully they will be back again very soon to catch up with the places they couldn't get to this time around. :D