Sunday, 6 January 2013

Splash - ITV1's New Saturday Night Entertainment Show!

If you happened to catch the Olympics last summer, you may have seen Team GB's Tom Daley taking home  the bronze medal for diving. 

Well, since then, our little Olympic hero has gone from strength to strength, and has now landed himself a primetime TV show on ITV1! Splash sees Tom Daley teaching brave celebrities how to dive. Think Strictly Come Dancing, but with bikinis instead of sequins.

The celebrities taking the plunge this week were Jenni Falconer, Jade Ewen, Omid Djalil, Jake Canuso and Helen Lederer. Each had their own tale about why learning to dive was such a challenge for them. From Jake, who was trapped underwater during the 2004 tsunami in Thailand, to Helen Lederer's phobia of heights - they all had a fear to face. 

Gotta give them credit, they all did what they had to do with varying levels of success, and thankfully, none of them did this:

By far the most entertaining dive of the night was by funnyman Omid Djalili, who did his dive from the highest board - ten metres above the pool. There was something magical about watching Djalili do something so unexpected with a surprising amount of grace!

While the votes were being counted, the show's own dive team did a super cool display, with the divers dressed as ninjas and fighting with James Bond characters, all dressed in tuxedos and flinging themselves into the pool in numerous creative ways. It was impossible to take your eyes off them because it was all so surprising, not to mention rather dangerous looking!

Throughout the show, Splash was a trending topic on Twitter, and in traditional British fashion, there were many people openly mocking it. However, don't judge too harshly, people. It was week one, and it looked very much like the whole team, from presenters, to celebrities,  to judges were still trying to find their feet. And that's okay. For a first attempt at a brand new concept (diving on TV, not teaching celebrities a skill) it was really interesting.

At the risk of sounding like Louis "you remind of a young" Walsh on The X Factor, Tom Daley is young, he has a talent, he is an Olympic medallist - so let's celebrate what he's achieved and who knows, maybe Splash will do for diving what Dancing On Ice did for ice skating! 

Bring on next week!

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