Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Miranda - Series 3 Thoughts

Okay, I have been a massive fan of "Miranda" since Series 1, and the wait for Series 3 seemed to drag on FOREVER.

It got off to a brilliant start, but while the storylines were actually more defined this year, there were moments when the comedy was just a smidge too forced for my taste - however - I don't care about that. It's still fab.

But last night was the last episode of Series 3, and it ended on quite the cliffhanger. Not only did Miranda's ex, Mike show up to propose, the love of her life, Gary, proposed too!

The problem? Gary's sudden commitment phobia. Okay, some might say I'm putting a little bit too much thought into a BBC1 comedy show, but come on! How is this even a real thing? Gary wasn't afraid to be in a relationship with Rose, he got married when he was living in Hong Kong (even though it was for a favour, but still!), and he was ready to be with Miranda during Series 2. So what's up with the hesitation, chef??

There seems to be a weird thing in comedy shows where the writers believe the humour will disappear if the will they/won't they couple finally get together. It's the same reason Lee and Lucy have STILL not got it on in "Not Going Out." Frankly, the dragging out is what makes the show less watchable. There is only so long you can string something out before people get bored and give up.

Ross and Rachel did just fine in "Friends." They didn't last but they worked it out in the end, and the comedy did not suffer when they got together.

So, come on Miranda. Give us what we want. Think of the hilariousness of Miranda and Gary trying to plan a wedding! That's funny stuff! For once, let the girl get the guy, and PLEASE don't make us wait any longer!


  1. AGREED!
    I did squeal a lot when they got together and then Gary was being all silly. ARgh. Come on guys!!

    1. I know! It was such an awesome moment but then it all went wrong! :(

  2. I've not watched Miranda - but I agree with the will they/won't they in Not Going Out. There's still plenty of humour within a relationship.