Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Fozzy VIP Package? Hell yeah!

Which band can make a usually quiet girl rock out like this:

Pahaha, just kidding, I'm cooler than that! :p 


I’m going to be honest. I’m probably not the kind of person you’d usually expect to find hanging out at a rock gig. Anyone who follows my writing blog will know I love a bit of cheesy pop, but truthfully, more than anything, I just love great music, whatever genre.
This brings me to The White Rabbit in Plymouth. For many years I’ve been a huge Fozzy fan, and when I heard they were going to be playing there, I hopped in line to get my VIP ticket, and holy crap, it was worth every single penny. 

Not only was the gig amazing (more on that in a second), the VIP experience is really not to be missed.  Dinner with the band is like getting a really tasty starter before an even more incredible main course. Chris Jericho and the boys made an effort to make everyone feel included in the conversations, which helped relax the VIP'ers who were a bit nervous. It's little things like this that make people want to go back and do it over and over again.

Now, onto the gig. Breed 77 and Soil also played – shoutout to the boys of Soil who ate dinner with us after Fozzy had to go get ready for their set, and were super cool – and both bands kicked ass.  However, the crowd went batshit freaking crazy when Fozzy hit the stage. Chris Jericho might just be the most charismatic frontman of recent years. He whips fans into a frenzy with his boundless, unwavering enthusiasm and his strong passion for the music. He feeds off the energy from the audience, so you can bet the louder you shout, the higher you jump, and the more lyrics you belt out along with him, he will not only match it, but he’ll take it a step further. It’s this level of showmanship that made him great as a WWE superstar, and is what makes him so captivating to watch as Fozzy’s main man.

As much as I would love to witter on about how goddamn brilliant Jericho is, it would be blatantly wrong not to talk about the sound created by the group as a whole. Rich Ward is a LEGEND – not to mention in the freezing December chill, everyone was totally jealous of his warm scarf and headgear ;) – and the passion coming from Billy Grey on guitar was mesmerising. From my slightly awkward view of the stage, I could hardly see Frank and Paul, but there was no problem hearing them and all together, it was like being transported to rock heaven. 

They say you never forget your first time. Minds out of the gutters, people! :p Aside from the musical brilliance, there are two things that will always, always stay with me about my first Fozzy experience. Firstly, how incredibly laid back the VIP meeting was (even though I’m gutted I didn’t get quite enough time to talk to Rich Ward and only managed to sort of babble my way through talking to Chris Jericho, I’m not usually so inarticulate!) Secondly, the awesomeness that is Frank Fontsere, who caught me in a moment of overwhelmed freaked-outness and stopped to give me a hug, even though he was just about to go on stage. That, my friends, pretty much made my night! Thank you, Frank!

If any of y’all have ever heard that Fozzy is coming to your town, and debated whether to buy a ticket, stop the questions and just do it. Get to the front of the queue, and get your ass to the gig because I can assure you, they will give you an experience you will never forget.


  1. Great picture! :D

    And I'm following!

  2. Hee hee, It was awesome, wasn't it??

  3. Sounds awesome! Rubbing shoulders with the stars, eh? Great photo and write-up!

  4. Glad you have fun. It all sounds so fun and amazing. Love the pic.

  5. I hadn't been to one in an embarrassingly long time either lol., and never anything like this! I have a taste for it now, though! :D