Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Cheryl Cole "Ordered" To Axe Gamu?

It seems that Gamugate is set to keep on running! Sadly, it seems that the more publicity she gets, the less the X Factor people are willing to take her on. :(

With news that even the wild card show may not save Gamu Nhengu, it has ocurred to me that maybe the whole thing really is a big joke. If it were a REAL wild card show, the VIEWERS would get to be the ones to vote, not the judges. Let's face it, it is after all, the viewers who are making them rich by tuning in every week and voting for the contestants. Why shouldn't we get a say?

Anyway, here is today's news: Cheryl Cole "Ordered" to Drop Gamu from X Factor


  1. I agree, the viewers should decide. It's just fair that way.

  2. absolutley, but when do they ever listen to us, except when it comes to voting and cowell getting his millions xx

  3. Yes! But the X Factor people don't seem very concerned with what is fair :(

  4. Exactly - the show is becoming a sham.