Sunday, 10 October 2010

X Factor thoughts

Last night I wrote my instant thoughts on the X Factor live show, which you can read by clicking the link below. This morning, on thinking about it, I feel that my initial thoughts were correct but perhaps I was a little harsh on the likes of Cher Lloyd and Storm Lee. However, I stand by opinion that almost all of them looked ridiculous. It is hard to take these people seriously when they are dressed so poorly. It distracted from the singing so much because I couldn't stop wondering why the hell they were wearing such deranged outfits.

I also stand by the opinion that the X Factor is more of a freak show than a talent show - by which I mean that there is far less talent than quirkiness, and while quirkiness is often a good thing - too much of it at once is not cool. After being angry about Gamu not getting through, I kinda think she may do better out of it all - as long as she is allowed to stay in this country.

Crazy Outfits, Bad Singing and Bickering Judges - X Factor Live Shows Week One


  1. u are entitled to your opinion dear and it is respected, for me, the two that should have been out this week were katie and cher, xxx

  2. I must say, although Cher is beginning to look like a little brat, I kinda wanna see what she does next! :D