Wednesday, 13 October 2010

X Factor Drama Queen Katie Waissel Threatens to Quit

Katie Waissel Threatens to Quit X Factor

Ooh, big surprise! A story that will make people feel sorry for her! Yeah, yeah okay I'll go and get myself a saucer of milk :p I am beyond dubious about the truth of this story but I felt it was worth reporting. True or not, maybe it is time to give Miss Waissel the benefit of the doubt and judge her for what she does from now on, instead of what she did before. You never know, the British public may even grow to love her!


  1. yes very true but sadly not me ;(

  2. I can't make up my mind with her. I admire her efforts to keep on trying but at the same time, it irks me that she cheated her way through. :S

  3. Got to love reality drama :/