Sunday, 31 October 2010

Katie Waissel was Always a "Monster"

Katie Waissel Was Always a "Monster"

If you click on the story above, you will find a relatively calm report about the latest Katie Waissel scandal. Outside of that article, I want to say how much I think the X Factor is a complete and utter con.

The stories about whether or not Katie Waissel already had the inside track on the show have been rife - linking to them all with the "evidence" about how she had been on tour with former X Factor runner up Andy Abraham and that she had met Brian Friedman and Sony execs before would take forever.

While I am still completely addicted to the X Factor and am done with being irritated by the outcomes, there seems to be some kind of mass manipulation going on. If Simon Cowell says something is excellent, regardless of what we have heard, for some reason we always believe it. It might be because he is rarely awestruck that when he is we trust his word. In my opinion, that is why Katie Waissel is still in the competition. Let's be honest - she has really only put on one credible vocal through the show so far and that was when she sang Etta James. Her performance of the Jungle Book song was entertaining, sure. But vocally, it sucked. Simon Cowell comparing Katie Waissel to Gwen Stefani is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard. Gwen Stefani can actually sing. She is quirky, yet genuine - at least that is how she comes across.

My plea to the public this week - PLEASE judge on what you hear and not what the judges say. It is our votes that make the difference.


  1. I agree, the hype is un neccasary, good post xxx

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  3. It's definitely billed as a talent show :)

    You are of course entitled to your opinion, but the fact remains, Katie Waissel blagged her way through the competition. I can't comment on her as a person but her talent is limited and she has virtually zero likeabilityjudging by the fact that she is in the bottom two nearly every week. :)