Monday, 4 October 2010

The morning after the X Factor

Took me a while to go to sleep after last night's X Factor because I couldn't tear my eyes away from Twitter where I was watching peoples opinions for over an hour after the show ended.The only thing I grasped was major anger from people who think Cheryl Cole made huge mistakes.

With her and Danni being missing from most of the auditions and Boot Camp, it seems people are questioning their choices. I think their questions are fair - particularly in regards to Cheryl's choices. I actually thought Danni's choices were spot on. But for Cheryl, her place as the nation's sweetheart has seriously taken some damage.

There were three big problems with her choices. One, and the biggest mistake ever, was letting go of Gamu Nhengu. For Cole to say she didn't see star quality in her could be a direct result of her missing Boot Camp. Gamu is definintely a star and with any luck, the wild card show will save her. Doesn't take away from the fact that Cheryl messed up though.

Secondly, putting through Katie Waissel who forgot her lyrics in her first audition and cried and mumbled her audition at Cheryl's house was very wrong. There are many conspiracy theories circulating the internet about why she was allowed to go further - the main being that she has many contacts with Simon Cowell's record company which may have put her ahead of the game. The bad news for Katie is that the British press know how to spin a story and even if she makes the live shows - she may not get voted in past the first week unless she is incredible.

Third, Cher Lloyd. Personally, while I think she has got something, she may well struggle singing a normal song that is not hip hop. Her voice is strange. More worryingly than that though, are the reports about her delicate state of mind. The more I think about this decision the more ridiculous it seems. Choosing her based on one good audition - her first - seems nuts. At Boot Camp, she wasn't brilliant and at Cheryl's house, she fell to pieces. It has been said that she got a throat infection while she was there but it doesn't take away from how nervous she was. Putting her out there onto the live shows where millions of people will watch her singing live is a dangerous thing.

But the decisions have been made. Now all we can do is wait and see what happens next!

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  1. yes not much we can do now but I felt the same as you xxx