Sunday, 24 October 2010

Weekend X Factor roundup!

Well, well, well! Another entertaining X Factor weekend is now over and the results are in! Before I get to that though, here is my X Factor Live Show week Three Roundup. I thought the show itself was actually quite good, though how most of those songs are "guilty pleasures" I have no clue. Many were classics! Cher Lloyd, Rebecca Ferguson, Treyc Cohen, Paige Richardson and Matt Cardle stood out for me by a mile - though there were good performances from pretty much everyone.

Katie Waissel - oh God. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed her performance of her ridiculous song but her singing is not doing it for me. I want to be convinced that she is not just a tabloid junkies dream but it hasn't happened yet. She does seem like a nice girl, but one who tries too hard and that may be the problem. *sigh* I guess we'll have to wait and see what she comes up with next time!

X Factor Week Three Results Show

Meh is all I can say to this really. The wrong people were in the bottom two and that always sucks.

I would also like to pick up on some other news that broke on Saturday. There is/was a Cher Lloyd hate video spreading its way around the internet. While I have not been her biggest fan, I wrote an article tackling the claims, not because I have overall proof that it is all lies, but just to pick up on some of the things that are merely speculation. Take a look! Cher Lloyd Hate Video - Twisted Facts, Rumours and Unfairness

Thats all for now, folks!

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  1. I agree dear matt was superb, thanks for your comment :)