Friday, 26 March 2010

Flashforward Friday - "Blowback"

YAY! It's Flashforward Friday again! Time is flying by, but where Flashforward is concerned, that is a great thing!

I sincerely hope you have all been watching ;) This show just keeps on getting better and better with each episode. I cannot urge you guys enough to start viewing Flashforward if you haven't already. Excellent  writing, great cast and an outstanding concept!

For those of you who need a reminder of last night's episode, here is my recap of "Blowback"!

If you want to discuss the show, come to the forum here and if that's still not enough for you, come and listen to our crazy podcast!


  1. now due to your good write up I decided to watch the two episodes last night and I was impressed, so its thanks to u :)

  2. Have I ever told you how awesome you are? If're totally awesome! I hope you keep watching! :D