Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Top Ten Tuesday! (Is it weird that almost every day of the week has a title?!)

Following Music Monday, we now have Top Ten Tuesday! There is something rather geeky about this day naming thing, but I really love it! I learned of this new phenomonen here - it's fun!

Today's list I wrote as an article at Associated Content. This is my Top Ten Friends Cameo Appearances, just because I adore Friends!

1. Julia Roberts as Suzie Moss - When the Friends go to see Ross' former monkey Marcel, Chandler meets an old school friend. Suzie begins making a move on Chandler and the two of them begin a very steamy fling. She even convinces him to wear her underwear out on a date! The same evening, Suzie seduces Chandler in the men's room in a restaurant, then runs away with his clothes.

2. Gary Oldman as Richard Crosby - When Joey was cast as the lead in a movie, he was thrilled to be co-starring with Richard Crosby. What Joey didn't know was that Richard had a drinking problem. In order to get to Monica and Chandler's wedding on time, Joey had to try to sober him up so they could shoot their scene. There are some brilliant moments as a very drunk Richard has some problems with the props!

3.Danny DeVito as The Stripper - Probably the BEST Friends cameo appearance ever came from Danny DeVito. When Monica and Rachel realise that Phoebe wants a stripper at her bachelorette party, they call the first one they find in the phone book. That stripper is a very unfit Danny DeVito. His dancing made it hard for even the cast to keep a straight face!

4.Tom Selleck as Richard Burke - So good that they gave him a recurring role, Tom Selleck starred as Monica's boyfriend during Season Two. Richard was a friend of Monica's parents so their relationship caused some friction to begin with but it soon passed. Sadly, both Monica and Richard's hearts were broken when their relationship ended because they wanted different things for their future.

5. Reece Witherspoon as Jill Green - Another great Friends cameo appearance came from Reece Witherspoon. She played Rachel's spoiled younger sister Jill. Jill's father told her to go and live with Rachel so she could grow up and get herself a career. Rachel quickly took her sister under her wing and tried to help her but Jill became angry when Rachel said she couldn't date Ross, so she went ahead and did it anyway.

6.Giovanni Ribisi as Frank Jnr - Frank Jnr is Phoebe's rather quirky half brother. With a passion for "melting stuff", he finally matured slightly when he met Alice, his Home Economics teacher. Even though she was much older than him they fell in love and eventually had triplets, carried by Phoebe. Thankfully the Buffay weirdness stayed with him throughout the show's duration!

7.Bruce Willis as Paul Stevens - One of my all time favourite actors, Bruce Willis had a cameo role in Friends as the father of Ross' student girlfriend Elizabeth. A little emotionally unstable, Paul threatened to have Ross fired until Ross caught him doing something rather embarrassing in front of the mirror!

8.Ben Stiller as Tommy - Rachel began dating Tommy after she broke up with Ross and he seemed like a decent enough guy until he started screaming at an old couple at Joey's play. Ross tried to warn the others but they all put it down to jealousy. Eventually he got caught screaming at the chick and the duck and Rachel immediately dumped him.

9. Anna Faris as Erica - Anna Faris played the woman who chose Monica and Chandler to adopt her baby. An innocent girl, she shocked the Bings when she said the father of her child might be a murderer! Thankfully, that wasn't the case but she went on to further surprise Monica and Chandler when she gave birth to twins.

10. Freddie Prinze Jnr as Sandy - My final favourite Friends cameo appearance is by Freddie Prinze Jnr. Rachel and Ross hire him as their nanny. Rachel adores him but Ross is uncomfortable with Sandy's sensitivity and fires him. Joey later hires him to be his teacher.

My original article can be found here


  1. I did not know of top ten Tuesday until now. I shall participate later today.

    And great post! Friends is a rockin' show! :D

  2. Oh my goodness how did you remember all those!! That's awesome! Friends had some great cameos! So I have to ask, did you forget Brad Pitt or did you just not like that cameo? I thought that one was great how they hated each other. Great list!!

  3. Lol, Friends is my favourite tv show ever, I have seen the episodes so many times they are now etched into my brain forever!

    I didn't forget the Brad Pitt cameo, if I had done a top fifteen list he'd have made it! He was great playing that part, there were just others I liked more. :)

  4. What a great list---thanks for linking up! (Yes, I hear you on the naming of the days things...but it's like you can't stay away!! LOL!)

    I loved the Giovanni Ribisi cameo. He is so crazy.

  5. I LOVE the Brad Pitt episode, too, but these are all so great!

  6. My all time, forever favorite show!! I have every season on DVD. The cameo's are great!! I loved Freddy Prinze & Joey playing hot cross buns!!

  7. LOL - it's too much fun not to join in! :D

    Yeah,Giovanni Ribisi episodes were always a little weird!

  8. A girl after my own heart! I have all the seasons too, I just recently purchased the extended box set with the full episodes before they were cut down to fit the correct airtime - love it!

    Yeah, Joey and Freddie Prinze Jnr. playing Hot Cross Buns was great!

  9. You really know your Friends! It's a show I want to watch - eventually. But for now, I'm set with One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, and Gilmore Girls on DVD. :)

  10. lol I never knew that, hehe u learn something new everyday xx

  11. Im just a mine of information ;)

  12. Lol,yeah I think you're probably set for now! But I hope you get round to watching Friends sometime it's worth it!

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