Monday, 8 March 2010

The music of your youth

Some of you may have already read this article of mine about Boyzone's Stephen Gately who died last year while on holiday in Majorca. In that article I explain what Boyzone mean to me, and how Stephen was always my favourite. More than ten years on,they hold a special place in my heart for being the band I adored as a teenager.

Today they release their first album since Stephen died. Thankfully, Stephen's vocals do appear on the album, titled 'Brother', a tribute to him. I admit that I was a little nervous about buying 'Brother'. The idea of not hearing Stephen's voice on every single song still hurts a little. I never expected his death to have such an impact on me. While I didn't go into a period of mourning and sob for weeks, I do feel twinges of emotion on hearing certain songs. I am also very deeply moved by seeing and hearing how the other members of Boyzone  have continued to keep on working through their grief to make this album possible for Stephen.

This got me thinking.  When you were growing up, which bands were you really into? Whose posters did you have on your bedroom walls?

While you think on that, please take a look at my review of Boyzone's album 'Brother'.


  1. hi Karen, yeah it was sad about Stephen, was never really a boyzone fan, lol however millions were, great post xxx keep keeping us entertained xx

  2. Lol, yeah you don't really seem the Boyzone type! Thanks for reading anyway though!

  3. Though I have to say I've never listened to BoyZone, the way they went about creating a tribute album for Stephen is touching. I'll look them up.

    To answer your question, when I was younger, I was a big Spice Girls fan Hahaha.

  4. Boyzone are a classic boyband with soppy ballads and matching suits, but I loved them and always will *lol*

    Hee hee, I loved the Spice Girls too :D