Friday, 19 March 2010

Spreading the Flashforward love!

It's Flashforward Friday!

Never have I been so excited about the return of a tv show as I was yesterday. Flashforward came back to the U.S after a three month break and the wait was an absolute killer! With loose ends hanging all over the place, the fans needed answers and boy did we get them!

Because people outside of America won't have seen the episode yet (unless you're like me and couldn't wait!) I am going to keep this a spoiler free zone but what I can tell you is that last night's two hour opener is among the best Flashforward episodes so far.  Quinton Peeples, formerly the show's script editor, wrote the first half of Revelation Zero and it was incredible. Fast paced and loaded with action, clever twists and turns and some unbelievable scenes, it was the perfect way to bring the show back (though slightly lacking in Agent Noh :p).

Although some questions were answered last night, we still don't know who the FBI Mole is - but for theories, take a look at this article about the suspects.

I also wrote up a list of some other Flashforward unanswered questions, and if you haven't seen the new episode yet, why not do something silly and throw a Flashforward party!

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If you haven't seen Flashforward yet, you're missing out!!


  1. Yay! Flash Forward Friday! I'm so Tweeting that.

  2. excellent Karen, never watched this but I know its really good :)

  3. I think you should watch it for me ;) *lol*

  4. Yay! I'm so happy your show is back. :)

  5. Just finished watching it last night, no idea if it's on in Canada yet either (but that's what the Internet is for) really impressed with a few things they've done in the last episode.

    I got a kick out of their take on Canada when Simon hops a plane home. Just for the record, we don't have giant red leafs in most washrooms... well, being Toronto there are lot of blue maple leafs around- but that's the hockey team's

  6. LOL! Good to know there aren't maple leaves in all the bathrooms!

    I think the last episode was one of the best so far, though Episode ten was epic too. Hope you keep watching and enjoying the show! :D